SP 1 Pictures Specifications In Detail

These are log-sweep measurements of the SP1 speaker in a 550cm long, 420cm wide living room with a height of 350cm. The measurements are made at a 130cm distance from the speaker at a height of 105cm above the floor.

All driver units have been corrected for amplitude and phase deviance. Measurement data can be downloaded under the DSPreLab menu.

Time response, main impulse and window for removing floor and wall reflections:

Time response, main impulse detail:

Base driver unit response has a low frequency cut filter to equalize for low-frequency boundary-gain effects:

Due to room reflections, phase response is not measurable below 250Hz and thus not shown:

DRIVER UNITS Tweeter: 1" Modified Ring radiator. 1 psc.
  Midtones: 4" Hexacone - d'Appolito configuration. 2 psc.
  Woofers: 8" Recoil cancellation configured dual isobaric. 4 psc.
CONNECTIONS 3-wired gold plated WBT binding posts for spades and banana plugs
CROSSOVERS SP 1 is constructed without crossoverfilters! You need an external crossover or line level filtering combined with 3-amplification. We recommend using the DSPre 1 and AMP 1 combination.
  Width: 29.4cm
  Depth: 45.6cm
  Weight: 65kg