MIC 1 Pictures Specifications In Detail

Measure the real world

Optimizing the performance of loudspeakers or measuring the acoustic of a room requires reliable measurements using a calibrated microphone.

Usually measurement microphones are powered by a phantom voltage generating preamplifier. This amplifier is then powered by a "Wall bug" or a battery. A setup with several boxes and interlinking cables is not practical, when you want to make fast and reliable measurements.

The Holm MIC 1 is complete unit, with amplification and battery in the microphone body: All you need extra is a single RCA cable from the Holm MIC 1 microphone to your soundcard input or laptop.

We have included both the preamplifier and the battery power into the body of the microphone, to make it versatile, robust and easy to operate. Cable connection is made with gold plated RCA socket sending out a line signal level. The Holm MIC 1 measurement microphone easily drives long cables.

On-line sales

MIC 1 production has stopped we unfortunately do not have any more in stock.