MIC 1 Pictures Specifications In Detail

Mechanical design

The body is long and slender, with a gently sloped body for the electronics. This gives the microphone capsule the lowest possible echo from the body. If the microphone box had sharp edges, these will reflect sound back to the microphone capsule and distort your measurement results.

Having a low amount of echo will expand the possible gating window and allow gated measurements at lower frequencies.

Precise and easy calibration

No measurement microphone is any good without a reliable calibration chart. These charts are often supplied as a print out of the measured calibration. This chart then has to be visually read and data be written to a file who is compatible with the measurement software. Precision can be lost in the manual reading of charts. The phase response is often not supplied with the calibration chart, so the phase/impulse/time response of the microphone cannot be calibrated.

If you want to measure the impulse response from your speaker system correctly, your microphone must also be phase calibrated. Our solution is to supply both amplitude and phase response of every microphone as a data file with great accuracy.

We also deliver tools to convert this calibration file into any format you want. When using the Holm MIC 1 with the Holm DSPre1 digital crossover, loudspeaker correction and room adaption unit, the calibration file is already incorporated into the software. Just choose your MIC 1 serial number from the dropdown list, and you are ready to go.

HOLMImpulse freeware

If you want to get ahead doing reliable measurements on loudspeakers or rooms, but you are not yet ready to purchase the Holm DSPre 1, we have developed a free measurement tool called HOLMImpulse. Using the Holm MIC 1 with a standard soundcard and HOLMImpulse software will deliver professional grade results in a few moments. Click here to Download HOLMImpulse

On-line sales

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