DSPreLab (Formerly known as HOLMFIR)

DSPreLab is a configuration and filter calculation program for the DSPre 1
  DSPreLab User guide v0.9.0

DSPreLab for Windows XP
DSPreLab for Windows Vista
DSPreLab for Windows 7
Flash videos in english:
DSPre setup
DSPre Equalizer
DSPre Room adaption
DSPre 3-way active setup

Demo data for DSPreLab based on SP 1
Download this zip package. Read Instructions.txt inside the archive for explanations on how to load the data into DSPreLab.

DSPreLab is freeware and can run without a DSPre 1 connected.
We invite you to download and try it.

Disclaimer: Holm Acoustics accepts no responsibility for damage occured to either equipment or individuals during the use of any HOLM software. Please use the programs with care and check output levels before measuring your system. Always Protect your ears with earsplugs during testing with high sound levels or high frequencies - high frequency tones will damage your ears even at moderate levels!