DSPre 1 Pictures Specifications In Detail

freedom of choice

DSPre 1 is the preamplifier and the cornerstone in the HOLM Acoustics product range. It is an incredibly flexible preamplifier that can optimize the sound in any system. DSPre 1 operates on a digital platform with up to six channels of high performance Digital Signal Processing. This gives you a wealth of options for adjustments, equalization and correction. All parameters can be set individually on each loudspeaker driver which gives an enormous flexibility, and makes it possible to place the optimum listening position almost anywhere in the room - allowing YOU to position "the sweet spot".

High performance Digital Signal Processing controls the quality and timing of all input signals and enables the speaker system to recreate the sound from the original recording. The quality of the sound reproduction from all sources connected to DSPre 1 is optimised in order to enhance the joy of listening. The DSPre 1 is very accommodating and can handle an ample variety of input from both digital and analogue sources.

The domestic computer has grown to be one of the most important music sources, and therefore USB audio is integrated directly into the DSPre 1, giving you a number of options. DSPre 1 can handle any audio format stored on your computer or internet based radio. It can also be used when you want to record audio unto your computer. When you plug in the USB cable, DSPre 1 is automatically recognised by the computer as a sound card and is ready to play. No driver installation is necessary. The USB connection is also used to configure the Digital Signal Processing within the DSPre 1, using the measurement, correction and crossover program DSPreLab.

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